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Environmental Air Sponge

Environmental Air Sponge

NEW Decorative Cover Available

environmental AIR SPONGE Decorative Cover

environmental AIR SPONGE Decorative Cover

environmental AIR SPONGE®(EAS)

For Purer - Fresher - Cleaner Air

Environmental Air Sponge is an amazing paste-gel made of 18 biodegradable and ecological ingredients that absorbs pollutants in the air and literally remove strong odors of all kinds.

Discovered over 20 years ago, Environmental Air Sponge has been successfully utilized in a variety of large scale commercial applications. Among others, it has been used in sewer gas treatment facilities, subways and bus terminals, commercial airlines, hospitals, hotels and in buildings damaged by fire and other disasters.

Environmental Air Sponge has only recently been packaged for everyday household use, in 1/2 pound, 1 pound and 4 pound size containers.

Contrarily to conventional air fresheners and other deodorants that simply mask odors by introducing perfume into the air, Environmental Air Sponge literally absorbs and removes strong odors and most pollutants suspended in the air, such as: fire smoke, tobacco smoke, humidity, mildew, pet smells, cleaning solvents, detergents, paint fumes, epoxy, gasoline, and much more…

Is it really effective?

Environmental Air Sponge has been placed into the air circulation system of the New York World Trade Center in 1993, after the terrorist bomb attack, to get rid of smoke fumes, allowing its 100,000 workers to get back to work.

Buy it...Open it... Enjoy it!

At the office, at the factory or at the laboratory, Environmental Air Sponge exposed into the air circulation systems, remove offensive odors. At home, in the garage, in the car, Environmental Air Sponge used outside the air circulation systems, ensures the necessary comfort to human occupancy.

Control the following odors:

  • Musty-Moldy Odors
  • Decay and Rotting Odors
  • Basements that never Stop Smelling
  • Drip Pan Odors
  • Refrigerator Smells from untouched, long forgotten food or spilled goods
  • Stagnant office or workplace Air
  • Tobacco and Cigar Odors
  • Fire and Flood Damage
  • Smells or odors from past and present water leaks
  • Boats in Storage
  • Paint, Solvents and Adhesive
  • Odors during Repairs and Building Maintenance
  • Dumpster and Trash smells that never go away
  • Sewer, Waste Water Treatment Odors
  • Bathrooms and Storage closets that have that ‘always in use’ odor
  • Copy Machine Toner Odors that fill the air
  • Body Odors within the Workplace
  • Formaldehyde, Ammonia and New Furniture or Car Odors
  • Work Process related odors such as in the Garment Business – fabrics, glues, storage
  • Smoldering smells, burning from wood cutting
  • Printing Press odors, screen printing odors
  • Distribution, Warehouse Odors
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes and patient odors
  • Schools/Classrooms, Libraries, Locker Rooms
  • Hotels/Motels for Guest Room Odors-Smoke,
  • Stagnant and Moldy Body odors, Chemicals
  • Money Handling Areas, Closed-in, Confining Work Stations

Instructions for use:
Simply break security seal lid. Place container in affected area.

Do not place directly on heated surfaces or in direct sunlight.

For areas larger than 300 Sq. Ft., use 2 or more containers.

Replace Environmental Air Sponge when reduced to 10% of its original size (usually 4 to 6 weeks). Use remaining "hardened" product in vacuum cleaner bags.

For maximum efficiency, keep windows closed. For areas with no air circulation, direct a small fan into the affected area. In the car, place the open container under the seat.

For severe problems, turn Environmental Air Sponge upside down, out onto its lid, to maximize the product's surface exposure to contaminated air.

Environmental Air Sponge is mainly composed of a solid paste-gel made of polyesters, emulsifiers, activated charcoal and hygroscopic and detoxifying agents.

Environmental Air Sponge is biodegradable and environmentally safe!

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